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    1.890,00 €

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    Daily Tour

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    6 days, dont 6 day motorcycle, circuit 900 km

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    Max Unlimited people

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    Antananarivo, Anjozorobe, Ampefy, Mantasoa, Albemarle

The central highlands at your fingertips : Explore the highlands performing the DR route 43 in 6 days. Several kilometers, technical slopes and mountainous areas of the highlands await. Also enjoy this moment of historical and cultural discovery, and enjoy riding your bike the beauty of nature and landscapes. Please do not forget to try the Malagasy specialties arriving in the towns and villages of the course.

duration : 6 days, dont 6 day motorcycle, circuit 900 km

recommended motorcycles : KTM 350 – 450

Region : Highlands

Difficulty : Moderate to Difficult

Prices : from 1890 €

On arrival at Ivato International Airport, you will be welcomed and directly to your hotel.
You'll leave the capital towards North-East to the town Anjozorobe.
You will have the opportunity to admire the relief Anjozorobe, stretches of plains, hills and forests.
After this little trip to Anjozorobe, the path continues.
You will discover the tracks leading to Mantasoa, East of the capital.
Early in the morning, and the road continues towards the foot of the massif of Ankarana.
Enjoy the atmosphere in the small rural town of Ambatolampy
After this passage Ampefy, repeat tracks to reach the capital.
Enjoy with every kilometer to go the highland scenery and the daily population in the villages through which you pass.
For this last day, you have the opportunity to browse through tracks around Antananarivo.

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    François Serrano

    I grew up in Reunion Island by practicing the slopes of the island Intense motorcycle. I now live in Madagascar, Red Island and I fulfilled myself entirely on the many trails in Madagascar


    Moderate to Difficult
    Tour type: Daily Tour
    Duration: 6 days, dont 6 day motorcycle, circuit 900 km
    Maximum number of people: Unlimited
    Location: Antananarivo, Anjozorobe, Ampefy, Mantasoa, Albemarle

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