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The low density of the road network created an extraordinary track network. The size of France and Belgium met, every city, every village is connected by a track or trail of hundreds of kilometers. With 5000 km of coastline and 7 peaks over 2000 m d’altitude, Madagascar is a mountainous country but also with desert parts, To our greatest delight… So yes Madagascar is Enduro motorcycle that Hawaii is surfing : while a Spot !

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The wild south

The South of Madagascar awaits you : between sky and sea, in the middle of a landscape of bush and semi-desert sand, you will discover a culture and nature like no other. This gradual descent from the uplands up east coast you will appreciate a variety of landscapes and types of track : sable, terre, mud punctuate a difficult course but sumptuous.
duration : 11 days, dont 10 day motorcycle
Difficulty : Very difficult
FROM 2350 €

The Chameleon Hard Tour

The Chameleon Hard Tour will take you on the wildest slopes of the Big Island. From the desolate moors of the Highlands to the beaches swept away by the rushing waters of the Indian Ocean, you browse trails prohibited any vehicle that your.

In total autonomy, caution will be your best ally to cross safely obstacles scattered on your way. You forget these pitfalls at the sight of beautiful landscapes that offers this course : cascades of upland rice, altitude lakes, Isolated vast grassland, primary forests, Trails North massive. All these exceptional steps that gradually lead you to the Coast Vanilla and majestic bays of Diego Suarez.

duration : 13 days, dont 12 day motorcycle
Difficulty : Very easy
FROM 2250 €

The track Baobab

Welcome to Madagascar. We reserve the journey 9 days to bikers who already have experience of the dirt bike. No notion of speed in our circuits, but it must be fair play, and have a minimum technique to enjoy safely the track and the landscapes. The variety of this outsized Enduro course that leaves from the capital Antananarivo located in the highlands, to coastal paths along the Mozambique Channel, justifies the daily efforts. Beautiful but not easy, must be managed on the circuit length of red laterite tracks, SOMETIMES hard as concrete, TANTOT rink if rain mingles Part, and track sands that require some technical. It is this circuit that is causing Adventure Malagasy continues from 25 years…
duration : 10 days, dont 09 day motorcycle
Difficulty : Way + Difficult to
FROM 2918 €

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Moto Adventure is one of the fastest growing segments within the Motorcycle Industry, and, Adventure Moto is becoming a cultural phenomenon in its own right. Reference Raid motorcycle in Madagascar for over 25 years, it is logical that MTM KTM joins the family to write a new page in its history ...

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