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Zoom in on the essential natural beauty of Namibia

Zoom in on the essential natural beauty of Namibia

NamibiaNamibia remains a popular tourist destination for those who love sumptuous landscapes. National parks and nature reserves occupy its large territory and make this country in South West Africa a real paradise for wild animals.. The presence of the famous group of mammals, le Big Five, always impresses travelers to Namibia. Indeed, the safari is one of the outdoor activities not to be missed to discover the wild life. Among countless routes, Etosha National Park is one of the most unique animal reserves on the planet. This great sanctuary, located north of the capital, Windhoek, also offers impressive desert landscapes that will give you ease of movement and observation. Then, among the wonders of the world, Namibia covers a real treasure, including Victoria Falls, which is the perfect place to end your stay.

Observe the wildlife in the huge Etosha reserve

On the way for adventure and to meet the wild life in the depths of the Etosha national park which occupies an area of 22 275 km. It is a great sanctuary for the fauna and flora of Namibia. This large natural area is mainly characterized by desert landscapes of flat morphology. Thus, the reserve offers ease of movement and observation. Safari in this national park can be done in several ways, but the tracks to the east, to the south and west are most popular during a travel to Namibia. Already, take out your camera upon arrival at Andersson Gate, because families of elephants and giraffes play nearby. Then, continue the safari, to the south, to the waterholes of Halali and Goa to be able to observe the shy and elusive leopard. The oasis as a natural source of Goa is a favorite place for many species of birds, while Halali's is frequented by herds of zebras and wildebeest. In addition, near the Okaukuejo rest area is the spring with the same name. This waterhole is considered the best place in Africa to see black rhinos.

The huge Victoria Falls, a paradise for adventurers

Visiting Victoria Falls will be a good idea to conclude your climbing in nature in Namibia. They are among the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. This tourist place is above all classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Travelers around the world will be amazed to see this large waterfall that is more than two kilometers in length, causing an iridescent mist visible from a distance of 20 km. In this setting encompassed by a tropical rain forest, tourists meet there and follow the well-marked beaten paths to get closer to the falls. Thus, during this journey, the magnificent landscapes will gradually reveal themselves to the main point of view. Traveling in Namibia then allow you to admire this natural masterpiece in a setting offering a great opportunity to take some photos. In addition, those who want to experience a strong sensation will be satisfied given the height of the dizzying falls. Moreover, there is a great possibility to carry out many activities, a little "daredevil", at the huge Victoria waterfalls.

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