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Argentina, a tourist destination to explore in South America

Argentina, a tourist destination to explore in South America

Argentina turns out to be an inevitable destination for backpackers passionate about discoveries. Indeed, this South American country is home to a multitude of interesting places like the Perito Moreno glacier, the Valdés peninsula or the Iguaçu falls. It also attracts travelers from all over the world with its wonderful cities. The time of a stay in Argentina, tourists will visit the municipality of Mar del Plata, located in the province of Buenos Aires. During their visit to the scene, they will be able to visit different textile industries manufacturing pullovers and jackets. Globetrotters will also spot food factories, quarries as well as farms and farms. Other than that, the municipality of Mar del Plata hosts almost 3 million vacationers each summer period. Because, it is full of hotel establishments and magnificent expanses of sand which will delight lovers of seaside activities. They will be able to relax, beach volleyball or swimming, for example, on the beach of La Perla.

ArgentineOn the way to the town of La Plata
Tourists will continue their stays in Argentina in the city of La Plata, located southeast of the capital Buenos Aires. A stroll around this town will allow them to admire various monuments such as the Town Hall, the palace of the provincial legislature and the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The latter is a Catholic church that will impress backpackers with its neo-Gothic architectural style.. In addition, culture enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit the Museum of Natural Sciences. This establishment consists of more than 20 exhibits showing the evolution of life on planet earth and the appearance of the human being. Vacationers will also see various collections of fossils of large mammals. They will not fail to discover an Egyptian room presenting a reconstruction of the Aksa temple in the Nubian region. Other than that, the town of La Plata will delight sports enthusiasts. The latter will be able to attend numerous football matches and the car race..

Ushuaia city, An address not to be missed
Tourists will finish their stay Argentina in the most southern city of the planet, Ushuaia. This metropolis, located near the Beagle Canal, full of hotels and hostels where travelers will spend their holidays in a unique atmosphere. It will also enchant nature lovers with its Tierra del Fuego national park. The latter was founded in 1960 in order to preserve the flora and fauna of the region. A stroll around this protected area will allow backpackers to come across mammals such as the Magellan fox and the guanaco. Bird watchers will also find their happiness by observing different species of birds such as the Turkey Vulture, the aguia buzzard and the crested caracara. They will be amazed by the flight of the Andean condor with a wingspan of about 3,7 m. In addition, this park will impress botanists with its wide variety of trees, like the coihue, lenga and Magellan beech.

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