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Surprising tracks, sumptuous landscapes, timeless and always kind hospitality. After 25 years crisscrossing the Big Island, it is always with great pleasure that I go with the more experienced bikers as novices on known paths and least known of Madagascar

François Serrano


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Moto Tour Madagascar

The low density of the road network created an extraordinary track network. The size of France and Belgium met, every city, every village is connected by a track or trail of hundreds of kilometers. With 5000 km of coastline and 7 peaks over 2000 m d’altitude, Madagascar is a mountainous country but also with desert parts, To our greatest delight… So yes Madagascar is the bike that Hawaii is surfing : while a Spot !

The wild south

The South of Madagascar awaits you : between sky and sea, in the middle of a landscape of bush and semi-desert sand, you will discover a culture and nature like no other. This gradual descent from the uplands up east coast you will appreciate a variety of landscapes and types of track : sable, terre, mud punctuate a difficult course but sumptuous.
duration : 12 days, dont 10 day motorcycle, circuit 1900 km
Type : Circuit raid enduro
recommended motorcycles : KTM 350 – 450
Region : South
Difficulty : Moderate to Difficult (medium dry and tough season in rainy season)
FROM 3690 €
sud sauvage
Les 2 lacs en 3 jours (3)

The 2 lakes 3 days

circuit on the slopes of the two lakes in three days will be a great adventure and challenges for the experienced enduro.
Take the road to get to Lake Tsiazompaniry, country's largest lake dam, then continue eastward to visit the famous lake and the village Mantasoa,
enjoy every moment discovering the many facets of the highlands. During this circuit, you will be served by the beauty of natural landscapes of the highlands.
duration :3 days, dont 3 day motorcycle, circuit 450 km
Type : Circuit raid enduro
recommended motorcycles : KTM 350 – 450
Region : Highlands
Difficulty : Difficult to very difficult
FROM 990 €

The doors of the Great South

The National road 7 Madagascar is that the Road 66 is the US : from north to south and from east to west, it will transport you to the heart of the Red Island. Since the Highlands and rice cascades to the southern desert plains, you cross motorcycle, head held high, an incredible diversity of landscapes. At each step, you will discover the many natural and cultural treasures that contain Madagascar : waterfalls and legendary upland lakes, forest reserve, tea plantation, National Park IsaloThroughout the ... 1200 km of this descent into the Deep South, you will not miss any enchantments that Madagascar reserves his most curious travelers.
duration : 8 days, dont 8 day motorcycle, circuit 1300 km
Type : Circuit road trip
recommended motorcycles : KTM 790
Region : South West
Difficulty : Moderate to Difficult (medium dry and tough season in rainy season)
FROM 2690 €




RD 43 in 6 days

The central highlands at your fingertips : Explore the highlands performing the DR route 43 in 6 days. Several kilometers, technical slopes and mountainous areas of the highlands await. Also enjoy this moment of historical and cultural discovery, and enjoy riding your bike the beauty of nature and landscapes. Please do not forget to try the Malagasy specialties arriving in the towns and villages of the course.
duration : 6 days, dont 6 day motorcycle, circuit 900 km
Type : Circuit raid enduro
recommended motorcycles : KTM 350 – 450
Region : Highlands
Difficulty :Moderate to Difficult
FROM 1890 €
RD 43 en 3 jours (2)

Great Crossed

beautiful love with, get ready for a sumptuous crossing Madagascar. Here you are in Diego Suarez, before one of the most beautiful bays in the world, ready to go, single or duo. During your descent into the Deep South, you will cross the ever-changing landscape : wooded grassland, rice fields and hills of the highlands ; massive Ankarana and Isalo, desert bush of the Great South. At each step, you will discover a new face of Red Island, fauna and flora original, a unique culture. Comfortably and safely, you go through the most beautiful roads in Madagascar head high, ready to enjoy each 2 420 kilometers of this sumptuous journey.
duration : 10 days, dont 10 day motorcycle, circuit 2200 km
Type : Circuit road trip
recommended motorcycles : KTM 790
Region : North to south
Difficulty : Moderate to Difficult (medium dry and tough season in rainy season)
FROM 3268 €

The track Baobab

Welcome to Madagascar. We reserve the journey 9 days to bikers who already have experience of the dirt bike. No notion of speed in our circuits, but it must be fair play, and have a minimum technique to enjoy safely the track and the landscapes. The variety of this outsized Enduro course that leaves from the capital Antananarivo located in the highlands, to coastal paths along the Mozambique Channel, justifies the daily efforts. Beautiful but not easy, must be managed on the circuit length of red laterite tracks, SOMETIMES hard as concrete, TANTOT rink if rain mingles Part, and track sands that require some technical. It is this circuit that is causing Adventure Malagasy continues from 25 years…
duration :11 days, dont 9 day motorcycle, circuit 1600 km
Type : Circuit raid enduro
recommended motorcycles : KTM 350 -450
Region : Where is
Difficulty : Moderate to Difficult (medium dry and tough season in rainy season)
FROM 3390 €

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