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3 best cities to visit in Iceland for their attractions

3 best cities to visit in Iceland for their attractions

IcelandSome cities of Ice and Fire are steps choice not to be missed during a stay in Iceland for their certain attractions. Like the Icelandic capital Reykjavik which is the largest city in the Scandinavian country in which there is a number of tourist attractions. While other towns are mostly small, they have provided remarkable sites of interest that are worth a visit as the town of Vik and Húsavík among others.

Reykjavik : the city as almost obligatory step
The Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, is one of the best destinations in the country of Ice and Fire. Indeed, it is in most cases the starting point of most trips to visit Iceland. Moreover, it was from this city that performs the famous tourist circuit of the Golden Circle, which highlights the natural and cultural as exceptional in its path (Thingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal area, waterfall Gullfoss). But Reykjavik also has attractions that Iceland's reputation, as his works of street art or quaint colorful houses. It also houses several museums worth visiting, including the National Museum of Iceland, le musée d'art de Reykjavik, le Vikings Maritime Museum, or most unusual, Icelandic museum phallologique.

The town of Vik and remarkable natural interest sites
Located in the south of Iceland, Vik fait partie des villes incontournables qu'il faut absolument visiter. Especially since it is only about two hours drive from Reykjavík. Although it is not particularly interesting in itself, it is primarily a few sites of outstanding natural interest that are in surroundings that attract. Indeed, This small coastal town is renowned for its exceptional and huge black sand beach, Reynisfjara Beach. It is the same for the impressive basalt columns that are at the end of this range. On the other hand, do not miss the small peninsula Dyrhólaey, the southernmost point of Iceland, which is easily accessible from Vik. Moreover, stunning views of Reynisfjara Beach from the top of the cliffs is offered.

Go through the port city Husavik whale watching
Húsavík is a small Icelandic port city located in the northeast of the island region. This is the place to focus in Iceland for observing sea whales. Indeed, through Húsavík allows boat trips to observe several species of cetaceans, including humpback whales, blue whales, Minke whales, and many dolphins, and sometimes orcas. In order to have more chance to admire, it is therefore necessary to plan the stay in Húsavík between April and October. This is the best time for whale watching in this small port town. In addition, the Husavik Whale Museum is a museum dedicated to his cetaceans and their stories related to Iceland for many years. It certainly deserves a visit during a stay in the Icelandic port town.

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